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| October 15, 2021 1:00 AM

Please vote for Neil Uhrig Zone 1, Bridget Malek Zone 4, Jake Dawson Zone 5 for PFSD Trustees. These three candidates have deep roots in both our community and in our school district. They understand how to best support the more than 6,000 students and the staff who serve them. Neil, Bridget and Jake will continue the PFSD way of doing more with less. PFSD has not asked to raise taxes on individual taxpayers for more than 20 years.

The three candidates understand how to best support the hardworking staff who have made it possible to keep our schools open during the pandemic. In order to keep schools open, staff have covered responsibilities well beyond their regular duties to make sure students are safe and ready to learn.

I have read the available information regarding the opposing candidates, and I can’t find information regarding how they plan to improve our schools. There is no evidence they support public education at all. They provide information regarding the “indoctrination of children.” The only indoctrination going on in PFSD is patriotism. If the candidates had bothered to learn what happens in our schools, it would be apparent. If they attended one of the Veteran’s Day ceremonies, they would see PFSD is deeply committed to patriotic values.

I urge you to vote for candidates who are committed to PFSD and will work to ensure our students and staff have the tools they need. Please vote for Malek, Uhrig and Dawson.


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