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U.S.: A history of uniting

| October 13, 2021 1:00 AM

245 years ago a ragtag group of people decided to debate what it meant to be a country. Setting aside all of the historical issues that have plagued America, this country was indeed created for the common person.

It was a rebuke of nobility and class. Even French and English authors came to America to write books on how amazing this experiment was.

George Washington warned of the dangers of political parties. Humans have always been tribal by nature. Therefore feeling an allegiance to a larger idea was an alien idea. America will only continue to exist if both sides of the political aisle realize a simple truth. It is a difference in ideas. The left views the right as morally corrupt and stupid.

Likewise, the right views the left as corrupt and evil. However, there has always been room for compromise. It is the American way. Long ago senators had disagreements resulting in outright physical fights in the halls on Congress, yet in the end they saw compromise.

I challenge every conservative and liberal to understand that the wish to eliminate the other side will never happen. It will only lead to more trouble and disagreement. Realize there are two sides to everything, like a coin. Seek to persuade instead of force. We are a team, us Americans.

The world is a chaotic, hungry wolf seeking a meal, yet we fight each other like moronic lambs unaware of the danger surrounding. Hug your neighbor you hate. It is the only way.


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