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DIVISION: A solution

| October 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Reading The Press, it appears our community is divided. (I’m skeptical and wonder how much of it is actually the human tendency to thrive off conflict, but that’s beside the point.) We are divided over masks and we’re divided over the teaching of things like CRT. Here’s a solution: instead of calling for a unity that can’t be achieved, nor should it necessarily be (we don’t all have to agree on everything; that’s one of the beauties of diversity), let’s embrace the division. A simple solution for the “mask debate:” The school board should set aside one or two schools in our district for those who don’t feel comfortable being around the unmasked. No shame. No judging. We simply believe in different things. Same goes for CRT, intelligent design vs. Darwinism, or any other “controversial issue” we might have in our schools.

Better yet, why not privatize our schools and let people take their education tax dollars where they want? (I send my kids to NICS, so we’re “paying double” and happy to do so.) No more bickering over masks, curriculum, or even who’s running for school board.

Vouchers have worked well for thousands of children in other states across our nation (including Washington. D.C., an area as different from our own as possible). It’s time we institute them in this state. It’s time we become “pro-choice” in education.


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