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CDA SCHOOLS: Focus on education

| October 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Re: CDA school board

I share the following about school board meetings:

• Public comment at the start of the meeting, 3 1/2 minutes per person, 1/2 hour overall. No response given.

• Provocative subjects last or second to last on the agenda. Show up by 5, wait until after 7 to hear the subject.

• The Fifth Street meeting room holds about 25 attendees. The rest, in the lobby, with overflow outside, listening on phones.

Yes, the Board feels antagonism. They appear to approve that children are: 1) being evaluated (Social Emotional Learning program) by teachers for the student’s ability to engage and mingle, when, for more than a year they have been masked, kept 6 feet from others and told to clean their hands to not get or give a deadly infection, 2) taught to evaluate people based on skin color (commonly called CRT, re-named “Equity Framework” by CDA271), 3) given from kindergarten on, graphic instruction on genitalia, masturbation, sexual activity and the option to be a boy, a girl or neither!

An Nov. 25, 2019, study, basing it’s findings on college degrees, high school graduation, professional/advanced degrees and test scores puts Idaho DEAD LAST against all other states. Last in the U.S., what number could we be on a world-wide, competitive stage? Parents are not happy, and voicing opinions now equals domestic terrorism.

The attitude that parents should shut up is why there is antagonism. A focus on education would go a long way toward the Board’s sense of safety.


Dalton Gardens

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