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MOB: A North Idaho plague

| October 10, 2021 1:00 AM

What the hell is going on in North Idaho? First the NIC Board of Trustees, led by Todd Banducci and his gang, fire a highly competent and respected, well-liked president. The only reason being that Todd didn’t like him. They did so knowing full well that they were subjecting both the college and themselves to risk of a lawsuit for unlawful firing. And of course the prediction became reality.

The NIC Board had already endangered the college’s accreditation status due to Banducci’s aggressive behavior toward fellow board members and staff, and now a lawsuit. Good one, Todd.

And then an unruly, angry, out of control mob tries to crash the Coeur d’Alene School Board meeting where masks in school might be discussed. Banging on doors and windows, screaming and cursing at police officers assigned to keep order and protect the board. Fearing for their safety, the meeting was canceled. Still not satisfied, a large group marched to the district offices and continued their ridiculous and profane antics.

As a result board meetings were made virtual, masks dropped from the agenda. Add the resignations of the Board Chair Brumley and Trustee Pickford, and it appears the mob mentality won the battle, which is highly unfortunate.

And people wonder why North Idaho has the reputation of being populated by a hoard of extremists!


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