Tuesday, June 28, 2022


| October 10, 2021 1:00 AM

Anyone wonder what will happen to Social Security? I’ve been paying for 45+ years and keep hearing that I may never see it. How can we even think about funding “free” college, health care, day care, etc., when we are in danger of Social Security collapsing?

There are a whole lot of us that are close to, or are currently receiving, benefits that need to think about this. It’s not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. If you care about collecting on your long-term investment in Social Security you better pay attention, because progressives young and old don’t care. They care about power and future votes and “Social Infrastructure” is the drug they plan to use to get voters addicted.

We need to get the focus back on funding real infrastructure, national security, Social Security and (yes) climate change, while chipping away at our national debt. While we’re at it, let’s FIX our education and health care systems instead of throwing more money at them.

America is as prosperous as it has ever been. Young people have more opportunities than ever. If they work hard, they can have a good life in America no matter who they are. Life is so much more rewarding when you work hard to EARN what you have. Most of the free stuff (social infrastructure) proposed is nothing more than re-labeled welfare (crack cocaine).

Parents and grandparents, please warn your kids that crack is whack! It’s addictive, a short-term high, and deadly.


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