Saturday, June 25, 2022

HAYDEN: Campaign lie afloat

| October 10, 2021 1:00 AM

Last weekend I was approached by someone campaigning for one of the Hayden City Council challenger candidates. Specifically, I was warned that Coeur d’Alene is planning to annex Hayden.

I challenged this assertion, stating that the law probably prevents such, and was advised that those running Coeur d’Alene are “evil” and want our tax dollars.

I am familiar with similar tactics used during a neighboring city’s recent recall election and wonder how many others heard and believe this lie.

I researched Idaho Code 50-53, Chapter 22, “Disincorporation Procedure.” As I assumed, one city cannot forcibly annex another.

Specifically, Hayden citizens would have to vote to disincorporate before any other town or entity could annex our town into theirs.

We can educate ourselves to the many municipal challenges and issues, in support of next month’s elections. It’s an insulting shortcut to use misinformation and fear to drive votes to any candidate.

I encourage all Hayden citizens to question the information being presented during this election cycle and to please get out and vote!



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