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Post Falls FOP announces endorsements

| October 9, 2021 1:00 AM

POST FALLS — The Post Falls lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police announced its endorsements for the Post Falls city government election of 2021. By unanimous vote, the following candidates have the organization's support:

• Ron Jacobson, Mayor

• Linda Wilhelm, Councilor

• Alan Wolfe, Councilor

• Steve Anthony, Councilor

As part of the endorsement process, letters were mailed to all candidates inviting them to submit a written statement for consideration. All statements received were provided to members of the lodge for review and then put to a vote.

These endorsed candidates are incumbents and they have years of experience in Post Falls city leadership. They have consistently supported public safety efforts which have led to low crime rates. These candidates have supported our local police officers in some of the most trying times in recent memory, including an officer being shot in the line of duty.

Lodge President Neil Uhrig had the following to say about these candidates: “Quality police departments only exist in places where the communities support them and where they have city leaders that make public safety a priority. One only has to look at Portland or Seattle to see how police departments struggle when their city council members fail to provide good leadership. Post Falls is truly lucky to have such an amazing group of elected city leadership. We succeed because they have our back. In this election, we have theirs.”

The Post Falls lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is composed of law enforcement officers in Post Falls. The lodge is not a union or collective bargaining unit; rather, it is a fraternal organization that provides support to law enforcement officers and community charity programs.

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