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Sheriff's blotter

| October 6, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day

Oct. 4

Total Admin Phone Calls — 151

Total 911 and Emergency Phone Calls — 178

Total calls dispatched — 419

Day Shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy took a cold battery report on W. Huckleberry. The R/P reported she had been a physical fight with her adult son that resulted in minor injury and property damage. Report and complaint completed.

Deputies responded to an agency assist on Mogul Loop. Bonner County requested we attempt to locate a female and check her welfare. The female was not located but was reported to be in New York for a medical procedure.

A Deputy took theft reports on Hargrave and Grange. Several thousand dollars of construction tools and supplies were stolen. The suspects used a forklift from one of the job sites to load the materials.

A Deputy assisted CASA in attempting to locate a male and his 8 month old son at the Bennet Bay Inn. He was not there. He had given the address of the hotel as where he would be staying when he was released from jail. CASA was updated with information found.

A Deputy responded to Canfield Mountain approximately 1.5 miles above the Nettleton Gulch Trail Head for an injury ATV crash. A male was riding his ATV on the road when he met a dump truck headed up the hill. The rider swerved and flipped. He suffered serious injuries and was transported to KH via ambulance.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to a psychological in the Sheriff’s Office parking lot. The R/P stated her 15 year old daughter was having an “episode” and her social worker suggested to bring her to the sheriff’s office. No crimes were committed and the R/P was encouraged to take her daughter to KH if there were concerns for her behavior or mental health. 21-43434

A Deputy handled a vehicle theft on N. Government way. The R/P reported a black trailer with a wood deck was stolen from the location. He stated the trailer belongs to a corporate company and could not provide title, registration, year, make model or VIN. The R/P was going to try and gather the information needed for the report. 21-43439

A Deputy responded to N. Riffle Road for a found child. The R/P reported a 2-3 year old child was walking in her driveway without a parent or guardian. The child’s father arrived shortly who lived approximately ½ mile down the road. The father was making road repairs when the child walked off. The completed a FI 21-43428

A Deputy responded to E Quarter Mile Rd for CPR in progress. Medical transported the male prior to the Deputies arrival. 21-43419

Deputies responded to a citizen dispute. Shoshone County was on scene and reported an aggravated assault. Upon deputies arrival they learned circumstances relayed through Shoshone County was inaccurate. A male had allegedly been the victim of an aggravated assault, however he left prior to LE arrival due to having an active warrant and TPO. Deputies collected statements and at this time they have aiming weapon at others. The Deputies completed a crime report. 21-43421

Deputies responded to FSR 453 X FSR 439 for a drugs complaint. The R/P reported an abandoned bus at the location with 50 gallon drums of chemicals in the bus. Deputies arrived and located a bus. There was evidence of someone recently camping in the bus in the area. There were no signs of any chemicals or drugs. 21-43433

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy checked out with a suspicious vehicle on North Lakeview Drive where the driver appeared to be slumped over the wheel. Upon contact the driver, he exhibited the signs of intoxication. He failed the SFST's and refused to provide a breath sample. 21-43489

A Deputy responded to a reported cardiac. A male was diagnosed with COVID-19 approximately 3 weeks prior. He was found by his wife unresponsive. Life saving measures were unsuccessful. Nothing suspicious. 21-43493

A Deputy responded to 10th Avenue to assist Spirit Lake with a verbal dispute. Once on scene the call was deemed unfounded. 21-43471

Deputies responded Interstate 90 and West Pointe Parkway for an agency assist. Post Falls asked for our assistance regarding a male who had called Central Dispatch and advised them he wanted to jump into traffic. A Deputy located the male and detained him until PFPD arrived on scene. 21-43497

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