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COMPLACENCY: Here’s what it gets

| October 6, 2021 1:00 AM

I want the community to know a few things about the Sept. 22 NIC Board of Trustees meeting that have not been covered.

1) The Staff Assembly Report included a description of ongoing efforts to remove stickers and flyers from a white supremacist group. At the conclusion of the report one man yelled, “Stop lying.” The attorney for NIC appropriately reminded the audience of the rules.

2) At least one person in attendance wore a XIV words T-shirt. The 14 words are a white supremacist creed that unfortunately has local origin. After decades, we are still dealing with this problem. I believe these views were held by only a small fraction of those in attendance.

3) No recommendations or arguments were made in support of the motion to remove the NIC president. There were recommendations to renew the contract with the president. There were arguments against the motion to remove him. The motion passed 3 to 2 in an obviously predetermined outcome that was the result of the 2020 Board election.

4) Elections have consequences, and we can no longer assume that candidates for local boards have the best interest of our institutions in mind. The real enemy here is complacency and I confess that I have been guilty of that sin. I will endeavor to do better.


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