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CDA: Insanity has won

| October 6, 2021 1:00 AM

Are you guys nuts? I lived in Coeur d’Alene for more than 20 years. I could not have imagined a better place to raise my son.

My fondness for Coeur d’Alene is absolute. I check the Coeur d’Alene Press and Hagadone Marine websites all the time. I’m appalled and embarrassed reading about what’s been going on there.

You’ve managed to wreck one of the finest hospital systems in the country. You’ve turned school board meetings into battlegrounds.

The dividing line used to be Democrat or Republican. Now the dividing line is clearly stupidity. Vaccines are our only way out of this mess. Take them please. Masks really do help. They’re not that big a deal.

The single most troubling thing I recently read about Coeur d’Alene is how doctors and nurses have to change out of their scrubs to go to the grocery store. Who in their right mind would harass a doctor or nurse?

The people in your hospital are absolute heroes times a million. They care for the sick and dying with brilliance and compassion. How do you spend your day? Now they can’t even go shopping without having to deal with the terminally stupid.

They don’t deserve this. They deserve all your support. They deserve to have 95% of everyone in Coeur d’Alene vaccinated.

I live in liberal Oregon and we’re not handling things any better than Idaho. A whole lot more people have to help out, a whole lot more. Please.


Cannon Beach, Ore.

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