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MASKS: An argument against

| October 3, 2021 1:00 AM

Thanks to CDA Press Facebook, I caught breaking school board news. A group of enraged parents shouted “No More Masks” outside of a CDA school board meeting.

When I happened across an informative study from June 2021, I was reminded that our children are ALWAYS worth fighting for. Six masks (brand new or freshly washed) worn by five kids and one adult during their school day were examined by a lab. The result? Eleven dangerous pathogens trapped in mask fibers including bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Among the grave and gross — bacteria causing meningitis, E-coli, tuberculosis, Lyme disease, sepsis, Legionnaires’ disease. Half of the masks contained pneumonia-causing bacteria.

The warm, wet environment produced by face masks attracts all kinds of yuck, and now the CDA school board is reconsidering forcing kids to breathe through them. Fresh air is best. Natural immunity is best. Parents know best.


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