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DALTON: Rooting out distrust

| May 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Did this happen in Dalton Gardens? Could it happen elsewhere in Kootenai County?

This editorial states the prior council was defeated in 2019 due to a mistrust of government. This town of approximately 2,800 residents has been thrown into turmoil.

Mistrust not of government but of elected officials seems to be more prevalent. Here as elsewhere this mistrust is generated by the assumption that land use decisions, zoning, are the result of corrupt or corruptible officials. Zoning processes are generally the most transparent aspect of local government.

Developers are portrayed as the “black hats” buying their way to gain approval for their overdevelopment of our communities. Is such corruption possible? Yes but is it likely? Absolutely not.

Developers and builders are business people motivated by profit while addressing growth in our community. Our official leaders have a common interest, addressing growth while seeking to protect our quality of life as it changes as it surely does.

Complaints focusing blame rather than solutions is misdirected. Our problems have solutions but playing musical chairs on our city councils is not a solution. Electing people who say what we want to hear or think what we think, does not create good leadership, as we see in Dalton Gardens and possibly some other elected offices. Time to use our heads at the ballot box.


Coeur d’Alene

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