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'Quick response' crew betters Tubbs Trails

| May 27, 2021 1:00 AM

When puddles big and small formed on Tubbs Hill trails following recent heavy rains, a decision was made try to assemble a small “Quick Response Trail Crew" to try to mitigate ponding issues.

Mission accomplished.

After calls for help went out, a volunteer team of Mary Duff, Gwain Oka, Paul Merrill and others managed to get to about a dozen spots on the loop trail.

"We also were able to repair the trail surface adjacent to an uprooted tree on the Loop Trail. Several of the repairs on the north side will likely need additional work as the soil is quite organic and will be muddy," wrote Mary Duff.

"We know a lot of you would likely have volunteered to join us but time was short and the small group worked out very well for this task. But, beware, you may just be the next victim we call."

The next more normal trail day complete with invite will be for National Trails Day on June 5.

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