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Sheriff's blotter

| May 26, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day


A Deputy took a theft report from a jobsite at 18289 W. Palomar Dr. in Hauser Lake. 190 sheets of OSB Plywood was taken worth approximately 19,000.

A mother called in to report her daughter had ran away again. Apparently the daughter left the house at around 2300 hrs. The mom believed she was picked up by a 16 year old boy and taken to his residence in Athol. Deputies responded to the residence where they located daughter and transported her back to her residence. Deputies took a runaway juvenile report.

An R/P called in twice today, one was a WC complaint and the other was a verbal dispute at the Hauser Boat Launch. He wanted us to respond so we could put the "suspect" under citizen's arrest. He stated there was a male that had him "falsely arrested" and now he wants to arrest him. A Deputy responded to the scene and spoke to everyone. The person the male pointed out was in his car working on his computer and had no involvement or interaction with the male ever. It appears the male R/P is suffering from some mental health issues. An FI was completed documenting the incident.

A Deputy made a traffic stop for an expired registration at Seltice Way and Commerce Loop. After making contact with the driver and doing a search of the vehicle. The driver was arrested for possession of Meth, Marijuana and paraphernalia.

Evening shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy was driving down Rockford Bay Rd as he approached a curve in the road, he observed a black Chevy truck driving at a high rate of speed negotiating the curve going the opposite direction and came into his lane. Both the Deputy and the other driver were able to maneuver to not collide. The Deputy turned around and stopped the vehicle. During his contact he had indicator the driver was impaired. After the investigation the driver was arrested for Possession or Controlled Substance Methamphetamine. An ISP Trooper responded to the KCPSB and completed a DRE. The driver was also charged for DUI Drugs and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Deputies responded to a Battery. Upon their arrival they learned a male had got in a physical altercation with his adopted mother. The son’s behavior has gotten worse lately and they did not know what to do. The Deputies provided the family with some choices and resources and competed a report.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to a crash at Lancaster and Atlas. On scene they learned a vehicle had rear ended another near the intersection. In speaking with the driver of the striking vehicle, he displayed the signs and symptoms of intoxication. The driver admitted to smoking marijuana prior to driving. He was charged for DUI after a subsequent DUI investigation. 21-21121

While on scene of the above mentioned call, deputies learned that a passenger had a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested. 21-21126

While investigating the above mentioned cases,Deputies located marijuana inside the vehicle. Another passenger admitted ownership of the items. The Deputy cited and released the passenger for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. 21-21124

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