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SESSION: Legislative success stories

| May 26, 2021 1:00 AM

According to your May 12 editorial, “the 2021 session of the Idaho Legislature might go down as one of the least productive in the state’s history.”

I know that as opinion, you can say that. But I would dispute your all-inclusive statement. As a conservative I must remind readers of some legislation, that I have concluded, you disapprove. The list as follows:

Fetal Heartbeat — the abortion-limiting bill

Election reform — ID requirements for university students, auditing allowed

Limiting Critical Race Theory by banning the requiring of student participation and disallowing expenditures that promote it.

Ballot initiative reforms which prevent mob rule from large population areas and require cost analysis be included in the initiative. As this was not included in the last initiative (Medicaid Expansion) it has exploded this unforeseen expenditure in the state budget.

Second Amendment protections reinforced. Idaho cannot be forced to enforce any law which infringes upon it.

Limiting the executive branch powers during “emergency” — much more work necessary here due to Governor veto and passage of watered down versions.

Concerns about authority of spending of federal pandemic relief funds as spending bills constitutionally begin in the legislative branch hence the decision of House not to adjourn but to recess.

The dropping of the $300 weekly federal jobless benefit to encourage the unemployed to get back to work.

State income tax decrease and property tax relief.

Defining of parental authority regarding curriculum of sex education — parents must give specific written permission for child to attend.

Permission to decrease wolf population to original agreed number due to overpopulation and increasing threat to wildlife and ranch animals.

I wish to thank my legislators as I believe they have had a “pushback” year!



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