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Sheriff's blotter

| May 19, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Patrol Sergeant responded to some found explosives. The elderly homeowner called in to say she found some old dynamite her husband used to use for blowing stumps out of the ground. Photos were taken and forwarded to Spokane's EDU for a visual inspection. It was determined to be a type of explosive that the EDU would need to respond to and dispose of, and arraignments were made to schedule when this will be done. There was no immediate hazards and no one would be around the explosives until then.

• A Deputy responded to an unattended death. An 88 year old male collapsed in his residence and his wife attempted to start CPR without success. Nothing suspicious was noted.

• Deputies responded to a car in the water and since it was unknown if there was anyone inside the dive team was paged out and life flight was also dispatched. An elderly gentleman went to the boat launch to go fishing. At some point his foot slipped off the brake pedal and wedged itself between it and the gas pedal. He accelerated down the launch, into the water and fully submerged the truck and boat into the water. He was able to escape from the vehicle uninjured and a tow truck responded to the scene and recovered the truck and boat.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to a report of an injury accident on Seltice Way in front of Cruisers. It was reported that a motorcyclist laid his bike down in front of the business resulting in injuries. Upon the Deputies arrival, the rider had been transported to KH by ambulance. The Deputy responded to KH where he contacted the rider and found him to be intoxicated. The rider had a BrAC samples of .156/.156. He was issued a citation and released to KH staff for further evaluation. 21-19991

• Deputies responded to the Spokane River and Hwy 95 after it was reported that a vessel occupied by two was sinking. The Dive Team was also paged. On scene the deputies learned no vessels were sinking, it was just a raft. The Dive Team was cancelled. 21-20025

• A Deputy responded to the Casino after it was reported that two people were using drugs in the parking lot. Tribal PD arrived first and handled that call. On scene the Deputy arrested a male for his felony warrant. 21-20046

• Deputies responded to Scenic Bay A Dock for an unattended death. A male was located deceased in his house boat. Nothing suspicious was discovered surrounding the death. 21-20042

• Deputies responded to Athol after an R/P called to report her granddaughter was having a mental breakdown. The granddaughter left their residence and walked away, while the R/P followed in her vehicle. On scene they spoke with both parties and eventually the granddaughter was released back to her grandmother.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded Kidd Island Bay (via boat) for a suspicious boat floating in the water. RP stated a boat was stationary drifting in the water without lights on. Deputies arrived in the area and located a paddle boat unoccupied that had floated away from a dock. Deputies towed the paddle boat back to the boathouse. 21-20048

• A Deputy responded to the Casino for a domestic dispute. Casino surveillance reported a domestic situation in the Spa Tower. Once on scene, the female victim was identified as a tribal member. Tribal Police handled primary. 21-20061

• Deputies responded to a family dispute. The R/P stated his adult son was using heroin and hit him for not giving him money to purchase heroin. Deputies arrived on scene and the R/P refused to press charges, but wanted his son trespassed. 21-20063

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