Monday, December 11, 2023

HISTORY: A Progressive rewrite

| May 19, 2021 1:00 AM

Kudos to Vern Westgate’s letter about Progressive rewrite. We need to remember that in 1917 when the Marxists takeover of Russia by the Communists occurred, the same Marxist theory was called “Progressivism” in the United States.

Those that supported these theories were the Democratic Party, but was called back then in 1917 “The Democratic Socialist Party.” After embarrassing losses in the 1920s elections for Socialism by the Democratic Socialist Party, it took out the Socialist name and rename itself the “Democratic Party.” The party hoped people would forget the party’s attempt toward Communism.

People were educated at that time in history. They saw the murdering of thousands of people by the Communist Party both in Russian and in China. Now 100 years later we have uninformed and uneducated generations of Americans courtesy of the Socialist/Communist Teachers Union. As a result we have a president who says he is the most progressive president in history.

Put the identical synonym in and you have that he really is the most “Communist President in U.S. History.” Welcome to Communist America, Comrade.



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