Wednesday, December 06, 2023

BIDEN: So far, not good

| May 19, 2021 1:00 AM

It has been four months since Biden took office.

We’ve gone from energy independence, to fuel shortages that rival President Carter’s. If you can’t get fuel, it’s a shortage regardless of how it’s spun. Cyber attacks with little concern for security, but who needs a pipeline?

Democrats are trying to federalize elections — simply attempting to make legal what they already finagled in some states in November. As well, they are trying to pack the Court. This alone will change the entire make-up of who we are and have always been. It is an extremely harmful direction, and EVERY citizen should oppose it, regardless of party.

We are returning to a high rate of inflation and poor job growth, while Joe tries to tell us everything is fine.

Many schools across the nation are still closed and Joe Biden is still wearing his mask for theater. Meanwhile, kids suffer.

And then there is the border crisis! Kamala Harris who is supposed to be in charge, won’t even make an appearance there. Instead, drug cartels and human traffickers win. The Biden administration are enablers, while everyone else suffers.

We have gone from the historic “Abraham Accords” to the onset of rocket attacks on Jerusalem by Hamas! Terrorists have been emboldened and not a word from Biden!

Everything this administration has done thus far, has undermined our nation. Our Constitution and our way of life are under attack. That’s the real insurrection!

In truth, this much damage couldn’t happen overnight and these aren’t the actions of a near-80-year-old man. These are the actions of a puppet and the reactivation of a dangerous agenda.



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