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SHERIFF: Reward our responders

| May 16, 2021 1:00 AM

The sheriff’s office deserves full funding.

The main purpose of a government is threefold:

1) Public safety including law enforcement, firefighters and a strong law-and-order prosecutor’s office

2) Infrastructure including roads, sewers, water, etc.

3) Everything else.

The Sheriff’s Department along with firefighters should be the first priority in funding and should be fully funded. A safe area is conducive to increased tourism and increased growth, leading to increased county revenue.

If the board needs to cut, they should look at their salaries and benefits first as a good example for other departments.

We need to keep Kootenai County safe and to properly reward law enforcement in their very dangerous and highly trained positions.

I hope that Bill Brooks’ comments on cutting the Sheriff’s office are not in line with the other board members.



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