Monday, March 20, 2023

DEER: Leave them alone

| May 16, 2021 1:00 AM

Do you people in Hayden know the deer are being trapped and euthanized due to wasting disease? There is no disease. Ask Fish & Game.

Seems like your elected officials lie to get their way. Now look at Dalton. We got rid of the previous city council and mayor and now we seem to have the same bunch with their secret meetings and wanting to kill the deer in an inhumane way.

There are lots of plants, trees and ground cover that deer don’t like. If you want a vegetable garden, put up a fence the deer can’t jump. The deer were here before us. They are not mean like the people trying to kill them. They are wiling to share their land with us. Who cares if they nibble our grass? If they are hungry, why can’t we feed them?

I have only heard of one deer being run over. As far as traffic goes, you will never get rid of the drivers. More and more people are moving here. All you can do is write speeding tickets and maybe after enough of those people will find an alternate route.

Leave the deer alone. Most of us enjoy the deer. I don’t hear of anyone in Coeur d’Alene complaining about their deer.



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