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Woman warns seniors of 'phishing' try

| May 15, 2021 1:00 AM

A woman called The Press to report another scam attempt in hopes to alert seniors and prevent them from falling for it.

She said she received a text telling her that her bank card had been locked. To unlock the card, she needed to call the number provided in the text.

Scammers try to get people to call them back so they can get them to divulge debit and credit card account information. It is commonly referred to as a "phishing attempt." Law enforcement officials warn people not to give out such information to strangers.

The woman didn’t call but checked with her bank, which told her there was no suspected fraudulent activity on her card. Later, another text came in with the same claim, and again, the woman did not respond.

She said it looks legitimate.

She said she knows many seniors, and fears they might fall for it.

“They make it sound so urgent,” she said.

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