Monday, March 20, 2023

CHENEY: Honesty punished

| May 14, 2021 1:00 AM

Why in this age of honesty and integrity would a woman like Liz Cheney, has had a legacy of honesty and integrity with the GOP, be forced out of holding a position of GOP leadership because of her resistance to follow the Trump party’s nasty tone of the political spectrum of today? This is another travesty in the days of Trumpism that is really hard to swallow.

We can all do better than this. The more we hold Trump accountable for his dishonesty and scamming the public, the better.

I foresee that the Trump era will come to an end before he can cause any more problems in our government. His days are about to end and he and his family will end up in jumpsuits in a federal prison for the rest of their rotten lives.

The U.S. will survive with the dedication of the truly honest and faithful members of these United States. Keep the faith and vote in the next election.



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