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LEVY: Just say no

| May 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Thirty-three years of endless availability of cash has not equated to academic adequacy in the Post Falls Schools. Add that fact to the complete lack of ‘any’ measurements of Post Falls academics efforts says it all — an unmeasured education effort without accountability.

No Child Left Behind and Common Core were the nation’s efforts to hold our public schools accountable. Our public school systems pretended that both were unacceptable. We are therefore left with schools without standards, measurements, or consequences. Both systems called for school closures when substandard performances were found. Today, no such possibility exists resulting in a national education debacle.

Nobody knows what teachers are “promoting” in our public schools. We now can have promotions of concepts like sexual dysphasia, white hate, equity, 1619 absurdity, and anti-family rhetoric in classes. Union direction overrides local school board control.

Example: For a full year, Post Falls schools were partially or fully closed without good reason due to political directions from the national education association (NEA) and Idaho Education Association (IDA). Our children and grandchildren are likely being irreparably damaged.

The passing of endless funding without accountability spells catastrophe for our kids and grandkids in the Post Falls schools. More cash is the ticket to further unaccountability and the addition of fluff at the expense of academic adequacy. Almost half (43%) of our kids and grandkids leave the Post Falls schools unable to read or do math at grade level. Consistent external financial audits, dress codes and audio/visual monitoring of all classes is essential.


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