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LEVY: Reward efficiency, excellence

| May 12, 2021 1:00 AM

As a city councilor, businessman and citizen, I am writing to express my support for the upcoming levy by the Post Falls School District. Through my involvement with the city, I have heard many times how important a strong school system is to new businesses when they consider re-locating to our area. I found this myself as a businessman when hiring entry-level positions which also included high school students on many occasions.

The state provides bare-bones funding for our students. It is up to the various school districts to supplement their budgets to provide students with more than the basics. I found that prospective employees who had additional school experiences to be the best for my customers.

When I retired, I fulfilled a longtime desire to spend time in our schools as a substitute teacher. I saw firsthand the dedication and care delivered by the teachers, coaches and staff. I am a fiscal conservative and I always keep my eyes open for any unnecessary spending. I was very impressed with the efficient use of financial resources by the district. They have always done a great job providing more for our students without the unnecessary frills.

Once again, the district has found a way to provide the highest level of education without asking for more money. As a replacement levy, this simply maintains the high-level experience for our students without any additional tax burden on us.

Please join me in supporting our local schools by voting YES on May 18.


Post Falls

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