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INFLATION: Ouch! It’s real

| May 12, 2021 1:00 AM

The government reports inflation is low and not a problem — hmmm. I wonder what rock they’re living under and just where they’re getting their goods and services?

It appears to me they based their inflation statistics on things that perhaps I don’t purchase. Lets explore — gas up around 16 bucks a tank (Thanks Joe!) — to go with eight years of unaffordable payments for an automobile.

Groceries — check out the fresh fruit and vegetables or the meat department — it’s enough to lose your appetite! Most everything we use regularly or is healthy for us is skyrocketing — nothing ever goes down — well, maybe spinach or broccoli.

Have you hired an attorney lately? Enough said. How about a set of new tires? Gasp, I’m still trying to catch my breath on that one.

Or a hamburger? Ten dollars and up on many menus — better leave the kids at home with a rice cake.

Netflix pocketed a few billion more on their recent raise, probably necessary because of COVID? There should be a law limiting how many times Dish can re-run “The Shooter.”

Cellphones? Up, up it goes, where it will stop, nobody knows. Hearing aids? You don’t want to hear what I have to say about those.

Haircuts? Why don’t they charge in proportion to the amount of hair you have? Rent increases will make your head spin and your wallet flat.

Bought a house lately? You won’t be reading this if you have because you will most likely be on your way to your second or third job!

And utilities? Who can go without lights, garbage pickup and water to flush your toilet — not me! Low inflation? Hmmm! Did I mention greeting cards?


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