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McFARLAND: For hospital trustee

| May 8, 2021 1:00 AM

Fellow citizens, I implore you to make an educated vote in this upcoming election. Please consider a vote for Dr. Robert McFarland for Kootenai Health Board of Trustees.

A vote for Dr. McFarland in my opinion is a vote for the well-being of our hospital and community. Recent political gymnastics have attempted to sway local voters toward overly partisan and polarized boards to the detriment of our community. Boards of community colleges, hospitals, libraries, health organizations, schools, and other civic entities are meant to be balanced with viewpoints that reflect the various perspectives of our population.

It is respectful discourse at this local government level that promotes healthy decision making and protects our local community resources. With the growth and challenges we are facing, we need this balance now more than ever.

Dr. McFarland brings a valuable perspective derived from his years of dedicated medical service to our community. He understands the needs of the hospital and community from the trenches, not the ivory towers. His clinical knowledge and administrative experience as well as his outstanding record of community service will make him a powerful and thoughtful decision maker and a definite asset to this board.

If you need more convincing, talk to your friends/neighbors/anyone who has been a patient of Dr. McFarland’s or been fortunate enough to interface with him in our community. His reputation precedes him.


Coeur d’Alene

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