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LEVY: Deserves your support

| May 8, 2021 1:00 AM

On May 18th, the citizens of Post Falls have an opportunity to ensure that the children of Post Falls receive the educational opportunities they deserve. They can do this by voting Yes for the levy.

I am a graduate of Post Falls High School and the parent of two children who attend Prairie View Elementary. I also serve as a member of the Parent Advisory Board for the Post Falls School District.

My children’s experience at Prairie View has been nothing short of wonderful. The staff are focused on educational excellence and meeting the needs of the whole child.

The impacts of COVID have been difficult for children and teachers. The teachers have prioritized connecting with students while providing high quality educational experiences and stability during the uncertain times.

I value the realistic and flexible learning solutions — the ability to adjust plans based on feedback and experiences. Upon returning to the hybrid model in the fall and then full-time schooling, the teachers and staff again eased in the transition.

When I was a Post Falls student, the levy provided me with athletic and extracurricular opportunities. I rode on safe buses and had up-to-date curricular materials. Technology was consistently upgraded. KETEC didn’t exist then. Today it provides Post Falls students with training in skilled trades — the levy supports KETEC. I want my children to receive the same excellent education I received. That is why, my husband and I will be voting Yes on May 18th.


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