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HOSPITAL: Trust these three

| May 8, 2021 1:00 AM

In the words of Cecil Andrus — I wasn’t born in Idaho, but I got here as fast as I could.

For me that was age 22, in 1991. Fast forward 30 years and my wife Kathleen and I have seven kids — all born at Kootenai Health. We care deeply about this growing place and our hospital.

Three strong people are running for the Kootenai Health Board of trustees — two are incumbents: former County Commissioner Katie Brodie and Dr. Terence Neff. They both have given decades of service to the community and want to continue leading our local hospital. (As an aside — Katie is a Republican, I’ve been accused of being a Democrat, and I think she’s an incredible asset and an honorable person and leader regardless of any party politics).

The third is Dr. Bob McFarland. Bob and his wife Barb have given more to this town than I can fairly list. He cares about his thousands of patients’ healthcare enough to put his name forward to serve. Bob has been one of our family’s doctors, a supporter in community-building projects, and our youngest son now goes to the Charter Academy that Bob was instrumental in creating and leading.

To the locals — and the good people now moving here — I ask one favor: vote for smart, caring, experienced people to guide our vital community hospital.

Dr. Bob McFarland, Dr. Terence Neff, and Katie Brodie are the kind of people who have made this town the place that so many want to join. Let’s ensure our hospital is run by leaders who care more about our community health than party politics.


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