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KCRCC: Template to not follow

| May 7, 2021 1:00 AM

I would like to join the growing chorus of voices in expressing my concern about the amount of control Brent Regan has been absorbing in elections within Kootenai County, especially with the “non-political” positions being put before the voters.

Directing votes in a block because of the position of one individual who holds a great deal of influence and peddles radical ideas can be very dangerous for a community.

Qualified candidates are often passed over for those being pushed by “group think,” even though those “KCRCC-supported candidates” may be less able to fill a position adequately. Just look at the turmoil happening with the North Idaho College board; a prime example of what we don’t want to see in our local highway districts, the Hospital Board, school boards, local water boards, library board and other “non-political” positions with openings this upcoming election.

There are 58,671 registered Republicans in Kootenai County; Brent Regan and the Central Committee represent only a small portion of those voters. As I, and others have already publicly stated in numerous hearings, the KCRCC does not represent all registered Republican voters’ views.

Candidates the KCRCC choose I generally avoid, as they are often unprepared, under-educated, non-involved and only have their name on a ballot to follow Mr. Regan’s directions.

Be a good voter and vote! But be an exceptional voter and do a bit of research on the candidates whose names are in front of you. Most have contact information available (if they don’t, avoid giving them your vote); any good candidate should be willing to answer a few simple questions from the voters.



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