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ZONING: The simple solution

| May 5, 2021 1:00 AM

Regarding the Post Falls Planning and Zoning Commission, I was appalled by Comm. Schlotthauer’s statement: “I sympathize with a homeowner…but ultimately their property right is to stay or buy somewhere else.” Really?

Most homeowners probably bought their property knowing the zoning and the zoning on adjacent property. Now, some big developer comes in, buys land, knowing the current zoning, but apparently sure they can get the powers that be to change that zoning to fit their “density” plan. The solution to over-development — don’t approve the zoning changes!

Hayden City Council met for the same type of problem. Viking Construction is requesting an annexation of 80 acres, zoned R-1 — maximum four homes per acre. Apparently, amending the original document would soften the property for a potential zoning change, but Mr. Kimball of Whipple Consulting didn’t know how many units were planned. Really?

I found Council member Panabaker’s comment strange — why was the city staff working on a project where the zoning would need to be changed BEFORE the project could be approved?

Council member DeLange made a comment “People…moving here…buy property” and they have rights, but what about the residents who already live here? Someone purchases property zoned one way and assumes they can change the zoning in spite of the surrounding residents? What about their property rights?

DeLange’s statement that increased density is inevitable is a cop-out. If you don’t approve the zoning changes, over-building/unacceptable density isn’t inevitable.

Solution: Don’t approve the zoning changes!

If you don’t build it, they won’t come!


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