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TASK FORCE: A tricky misnomer

| May 5, 2021 1:00 AM

Don’t you just love the word “task force” when the government wants to look at something and make it sound like they really care? In place of the words “task force,” they should use the words “smoke screen” or “wasting your tax dollars.”

The Biden administration announced plans to give $310 million to Guatemala to create a “task force” to study the root cause of mass migration into the U.S. You need a task force for this, really?

I can save you millions, it may sound conceded, but I know the answer. Could it be because your government promises free stuff such as food, housing, medical and of course money for not working? Sorry, you don’t need a task force to know this. It is what they do not teach you in college, common sense.

Only in the land of plenty do we send millions of dollars to another country that is sending their people here. These countries cannot solve their own problems, so we send them money to help their problem become our problem.

Remember that nasty word “common sense?” Could it possibly be to our benefit to spend that $310 million to fix our own border and maybe finish the wall?

I apologize in advance. I know that must offend someone. It probably comes from my racist, homophobic, white privileged, anti-immigrant, gun toting, religious, anti-American background.

I am sure I left out some groups; maybe start a task force to see what group of people I left out.


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