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LEVY: An unwise investment

| May 5, 2021 1:00 AM

Well the war is heating up! Mark Johnson, Post Falls, was quite emotional and personal in his attack of Paul Mahlow’s April 14 letter in the Coeur d’Alene Press.

ISSUE: Is there merit in this war on school levies? Most of last school year, students were not in school buildings during the academic year. Recesses, lunches, libraries, extracurricular activities, athletics, clubs, parking lot patrol, gymnasium and school nurses were unnecessary! Classes/meetings/clubs and sometimes classes were held on Zoom, and millions of dollars from the previously approved levy went unused for water, utilities, heating, air conditioning, busing and after school activities.

Teacher employment ratios have increased by 151% since 1950, while non-teaching employees have increased 752%. Idaho school systems have failed to increase their national ranking. SAT and ACT tests have shown the national trend dropping significantly since 1960. The educational foundation is reading, writing and arithmetic!

Student letters, recently posted in The Press, were supporting BLM (Communist/Socialism), gender identification and LBGTQ. American History isn’t recognizable, patriotism abolished, math stupefied and writing skills eroded, yet budgets increase. No wonder our kids are confused!

In yesteryear’s school the objective for clubs, sports and activities was unity, which leads to success. Teachers unions today are out of control, propaganda to every parent via students is always the way to win more excess money by levy.

Get smart, taxpayer. Read small print on your tax bills; you are paying for failure!



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