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LEVY: Don’t flunk twice

| May 2, 2021 1:00 AM

Citizens of Post Falls:

Back in March, we failed the test when we voted down the school levy. But, as good luck would have it, we have the opportunity for a retake — and this time we need to choose the right answer.

But first, the study guide:

• This is a replacement levy; it will not raise taxes.

• School athletic programs are paid for with levy dollars.

• School nurses and Resource Officers are funded by the levy.

• Technology and curriculum are paid for by the levy.

• The levy supports the purchase of new buses, ensuring that our children can safely be transported to schools.

• Levy dollars support salaries that keep highly qualified teachers in Post Falls.

The test is May 18, and I’m asking you to make the right choice. In choosing YES, you choose to not raise taxes, provide funding for school nurses and SRO’s, update technology and curriculum, ensure that our children will be safe on our buses and keep highly qualified teachers in our district.

But most of all, we will give our district the A rating that invites the kind of businesses, jobs, and people that put our community at the top of the class.

Vote YES, May 18.


Post Falls

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