Friday, June 18, 2021

WORKERS: The vanishing server

| June 9, 2021 1:00 AM

What is mind-blowing about all of this North Idaho expansion is that we are a tourist industry. There is little logging or mining industry left anymore.

North Idaho lives off tourists and rich folk. Well, who is going to serve them in restaurants, cafes, drive-throughs? Who is going to deliver their local products? Who is going to check them out at the grocery store?

Who is going to clean their hotel rooms? Who is going to work at the car wash? NONE of these minimum wage workers can afford to live here. They are compelled to head to outlying areas — Shoshone County, Boundary County, Spokane, Montana.

Maybe the rich transplants will work those minimum wage service jobs so they can “serve one another.” Does anyone calculate these kinds of projections or consequences?


Post Falls