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INFRASTRUCTURE: Impacts us all

| June 9, 2021 1:00 AM

I have grown weary of the do-nothing Congress. Thank you Mitch McConnell. Senator McConnell seems to be excellent at saying what the Senate will not do.

What is lacking is what they will do. The health care plan that would replace “Obamacare” never happened. President Biden has presented an infrastructure plan, and there was a fuss that it wasn’t a bipartisan effort and the cost was too high.

Now, the president has cut the plan by more than half and he’s meeting with Republicans. His ask, that the 55 corporations (including GE, International Paper, Nike and Fed Ex) in this country that pay zero taxes, pay some tax. Mitch McConnell says this is a non-starter. Here we go again, do nothing.

Everyone knows our roads, bridges and many schools are in dangerous condition. Where is the real Republican compromise? Better to let the super corporations and their lobbyists have a free ride so they can kick in to the re-elect campaign, right Mitch? How many more bridges need to collapse before you get engaged?

I’m contacting our state representatives to tell them that every corporation should contribute to the needs of this country by paying taxes. They make their money here, let them help pay for infrastructure. Frankly, it is past time for Mitch to represent the hardworking people of the country instead of just the rich. Republicans are dead wrong on this one.


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