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BROOKS: The real deal

| July 21, 2021 1:00 AM

In response to several recent articles and letters to the editor about Bill Brooks, let me offer this: Bill Brooks is indeed a conservative, through and through.

While some choose to call him a RINO, he is absolutely not. A traditional RINO is someone who calls himself a Republican but acts like a Democrat when elected. See Washington, D.C., for multiple examples.

Brooks is defending the right of the people to discuss and perhaps choose another form of government for our county. He has fostered open discussion, which will lead to a choice by the commissioners, which will then be put to a vote by the citizens. If we the people don’t like what the commissioners pick, then we will vote it down and keep what we have or select another form of government.

Brooks cannot mandate a choice for our future.

The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee is a different kind of conservative body. They showed us in the most recent election that they not only want us to vote for conservative candidates, but to vote for candidates that are ultra conservative, passing the committee’s “smell test” for being hard core right. Some say John Birch right. Banning books right.

I hope we’ll all take a deep breath and trust the system. Consider the alternatives, share our preferences here and in person with others, then…


Our three commissioners aren’t recognized nearly enough for the incredible hours they put in trying to equitably manage this county.



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