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Community Thanks

| July 18, 2021 1:00 AM

THANKS: Donating to Music Conservatory

Dear greater Coeur d'Alene community,

We wish to recognize everyone for dearly embracing the vision of the Music Conservatory and generously donating to sustain the mission of music education. In addition, we note your desire to preserve the history of the Hamilton House at 627 Government Way.

We are extremely grateful to the Women's Gift Alliance for granting us the funds that will pay for instruments in our program. Their support encourages us and our program.

Joanne Smith donated the Yamaha C-7 that has upped our performance venue. This donation is making dreams come true!

North Idaho Hydroseed donated hydroseed to restore the lawn that was destroyed by the seven trees that fell during the January windstorm. Their generosity enhances the outdoor performance area.

Benjamin Moore Mallory Paints donated the paint, brushes and other equipment for Color Changers Paint Co., who are painting the Hamilton House. They have gone above our expectations to preserve the exterior. We love the colors that Marie Widmyer and Midge Smock chose! We continue to thank Steve Widmyer and Pepper Smock for buying the house that created the home for the conservatory.

Accent Floors donated time to remove the worn out carpeting. Robert Smolich restored the 113-year-old wood floors with excellent detail.

Ron Voight used his talents and skills to make a beautiful piece of furniture for the children's instruments. Ron's generosity is so appreciated.

Jon Daboll continues with the lawn care, the sprinklers and more; he is one of the hardest workers I know, so giving and selfless!

Rob Johnson and John Swallow have shared their experience with old-house restoration. Sandy Sanderson donated his time to install lights and signs. Marshall Mitchell cut through layers of paint to open the windows. Mary Sanderson donated the historical desk in our office. Tom Thulon made many interior repairs.

There are many who have volunteered to clean, rake and serve. The Dance family spent days hauling debris and wood from the fallen trees. Others have given chairs, tables, lamps, rugs, pictures and instruments for students who do not have one. If I have missed anyone, please know how much you mean to us.

We have had several performances donated by musical artists with service to record, buy flowers and treats donated by Super 1.

Finally, we are extremely grateful to everyone who has made cash donations. They help pay the bills!

Our hearts are full for so much that keeps us playing music!


and the Music Conservatory of Coeur d'Alene

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