Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Sheriff's blotter

| July 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!!!

Total Phone Calls — 282 (These are non-emergency phone calls)

Total 911 Phone Calls — 354 (These are emergency calls)

Total calls dispatched — 447 (These represent every call entered into our system, which includes self-initiated activity from the officers and other first responders)

Day Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to E. Remington Rd. in Athol for medical call where the patient was not breathing. Medics arrived on scene and pronounced a male deceased in his bed. There was nothing suspicious at the scene.

A Deputy arrested a male for his warrant in the parking lot of the SO.

While patrolling the Hauser area near the boat launch, A deputy noticed some Graffiti painted on the pavement.

Several Deputies and Medical responded to Athol for a medial trauma call. A one and a half year old boy's leg was ran over by a lawn mower. EMS arrived on scene quickly and transported the child to KH. KCSO was able to use a coordinated effort with CDA PD and escort the ambulance to the hospital as rapidly as possible. The investigation determined this was an accident and there was no negligence noted.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to a domestic dispute. A male and female were contacted after several people called in to report that they were on the side of the road fighting. The male was contacted on top of the vehicle, acting erratic. It was learned that he had attempted to strangle the female, and was the respondent in a protection order with female as the protected person. He was arrested for violating the protection order, domestic battery, and attempted strangulation. 21-28782

A male was reported to be missing somewhere in Medimont by his daughter in Spokane. A Deputy drove out there and located him camping, which is what he told his adult daughter he was doing prior to leaving.

Deputies responded to Blue Creek Bay for what was reported to be a domestic dispute between a male and female. On scene they were calm and couldn't understand the complaint. RP was unable to be contacted. 21-28807

Deputies responded to Brunner and Diagonal for a report of a family dispute. It was reported that two vehicles were in the area demanding a female get into the other car. Both vehicles and people were gone prior to their arrival. The RP was unable to get any other information to follow up with.

A Deputy responded to the eastbound Huetter Rest Stop for a suicidal female making a scene. The female had recently been released from Sacred Heart for fentanyl abuse/overdose. She made statements regarding committing suicide once she returns home. The Deputy took the female to KH on a PC hold. 21-28810

Deputies responded to the Westbound Huetter Rest Stop to assist ISP with a male who was reportedly suicidal and waving a knife around. On scene they located a male who, according to witnesses on scene, was not acting in the manner initially reported. ISP cleared the call once KCSO told them they didn't have any crimes.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to Corbin Park for a vehicle theft. The R/P state he was playing Frisbee golf and when he returned to his vehicle it had been stolen and crashed near the entrance of the park. Deputies completed a crime report. 21-28828

A Deputy responded to E. Wolf Lodge Bay Rd for a welfare check. The R/P stated he had woken up to hearing female crying. He stated he heard “knocking around” and two female juveniles panicking. The Deputy arrived on scene and learned the mother of the children left the campsite to visit with family at a different site while leaving a 12 year old in charge. The children woke up to the mother being gone and were upset. 21-28841

A Deputy responded to W. Riverview Dr. for a found child. The R/P located a 9 year old juvenile male on his bicycle. The child told the R/P where he had come from and she knew that to be approximately 20 minutes by vehicle. The Deputy later learned the child was reported missing through Spokane County and they have been looking for him since approximately 1000 Hrs. Spokane County was notified and the child was reunited with his mother. 21-28829

Deputies responded to a missing person. The R/P stated her 17 year old son had “snuck out” and was possibly sleeping next to the KROC Center. Deputies were unable to locate the juvenile. The R/P stated she was confident the juvenile was okay and would be at work at 0700 at the KROC. The Deputy completed a runaway report. 21-28858