Friday, January 15, 2021

RIOTS: Plenty to blame

| January 14, 2021 1:00 AM

Who is to Blame for the Washington, D.C., riots? The mob that unlawfully stormed the Capitol, whether infiltrated by Antifa or not, was responsible for their actions and they should receive the consequences.

The thugs that firebombed and looted our cities in 2020 are responsible for their actions and are accountable.

Media reporters and commentators stated the summer riots were mainly peaceful although small businesses, restaurants, retail stores were destroyed and looted. Police structures and cars were burned and destroyed, policemen sent to hospitals blinded by lasers and pounded with frozen water bottles. This lawlessness of looting, destruction, and physical violence was not only condoned as justifiable protest, but it was also not condemned by mayors, governors, media; they are accountable.

The media including the Associated Press with articles reported with political bias and substituted opinion rather than facts — accountable. The Department of Justice, FBI, media and political opposition who created the Russian collusion myth to advance their agenda of removing the duly elected President Trump — accountable.

The constant drumbeat of media and political opposition blaming Trump for everything that went wrong increased the division when 75 million citizens including 65% of Idaho voters esteemed him for reducing government regulations, his foreign policies, border walls, religious freedom, pro-life and “Making America Great Again.” Swing states changed their mail-in election laws in 2020 but not through their state legislature. Those changes attributed to the China virus were not Constitutionally legal and those states are accountable.