Friday, January 15, 2021

RESPONSE: Couldn’t resist

| January 14, 2021 1:00 AM

In response to a couple of letters printed on Sunday, I tried my best to ignore them and simply could not.

To Mr. Sam Lyman (who previously claimed to be “highly educated” and let us know that he has a doctoral degree, I must say so what). Since you think we are all backwoods rednecks, I am offering to help you pack so you can leave Idaho; otherwise just put your mask on, stay home and sheeple on! We don’t know who the people were that started the rioting at the Capitol Building and I don’t in any way condone what they did.

Mr. Muehlhausen, sorry, not sorry that you returned to your beautiful state of California. Idaho will try to get by without you. If you believe that the 2020 presidential election was an honest, fair election, then you will certainly enjoy the $5/gal gas that will be coming our way; more burdensome taxes; even less freedom of speech, watch your 401K dwindle, more crime (if that’s possible in California), less police protection and a plethora of other amenities provided by the Biden/Harris administration.

Where was your outrage when ANTIFA/BLM burned down Minneapolis, took over a neighborhood in Seattle and burn Portland on a daily basis ruining many people’s businesses and livelihood? Oh I forgot, those were “peaceful” protests!


Post Falls