Sunday, January 24, 2021

CLIMATE: Op-ed rebuttal

| January 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Ella Erwin wrote an op-ed recently, “A Call to Mitigate Climate Change.” This is what our students in college are learning? That we as Americans have too much “privilege” and must change. Change to what? Marxism? Isn’t that what this Marxist activist is suggesting?

This sociology major is making her point on the fact that climate change is a reality. Reality to whom, only to those who want to take our freedoms away. Most theories of climate change have been debunked including the one ex-President Obama used for his climate change push which was the Hockey Stick theory.

Co2 levels and world Temperature are not related. Plus the Co2 percentage of global atmospheric gases in the USA was less than the U.K., which was 0.0000000604%.

After Trump and his expansion of natural gas happened, the percentage of Co2 was 14% less again, thereby beating all the nations that signed the Paris accord. That Biden and the swamp want to stuff climate change down our throats by stopping use of fossil fuels that have people living longer and giving all easier lives just for power and their wealth is outrageous.

The experts state Biden’s plan using $2 trillion would only improve the Earth maybe 000.0001 percent if that. To push this theory and change opinions of our youth, the universities are indoctrinating their students. Just like in Germany in the 1930s where students learned Nazis propaganda and were made to pledge allegiance to Nazis theories of superiority, the Marxist professors and Labor unions of Teachers are teaching our children that the Earth will burn up, America is bad and Marxism is good. Your proof is in the Ella Erwin article.