Thursday, April 15, 2021

LEVIES: Don’t buy GOP talk

| February 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Kootenai County’s Republican Central Committee has come out in opposition to school levies in Kootenai County. Why should taxpayers reward a “failing education” system, they ask?

I want to flip that question around. Why should taxpayers continue to support a party that has been in control of the state for decades now and has failed to come up with an equitable funding solution for Idaho schools that doesn’t place such a large burden of the cost of education on property owners?

It is laughable that in one of the most red states in the nation, the GOP acts as if they are the victim of an unfair system when they are, and have been for many years now, in a position to provide a solution.

The power and responsibility to fix Idaho’s school funding woes lies with our elected state legislators — the same legislators who the KCRCC has endorsed and supported again and again. In the meantime, our local schools need local funding support.

Join me in voting yes in support of our schools on March 9.