Wednesday, March 03, 2021

LEVY: Extracurriculars key

| February 23, 2021 1:00 AM

We have been involved with Lakeland High School and Junior High for the past four years and are continually impressed with the school district. More than 80% of Lakeland students participate in extracurricular activities, which is high above the state and national average. Extracurricular activities are where so many kids harness their talents, and learn true teamwork, creativity, hard work and social skills. It’s how we develop our kids: mind, body and soul.

This replacement levy also provides funds for the armed guard positions, school nurses, guidance counselors and Lakeland’s rare mandatory drug-testing policy; all of which contribute to a safe and healthy environment, giving everyone a place to create a culture of excellence, where teens can thrive and decide how they want to serve others after that diploma. The teachers, staff and culture at the high school helped our two graduates get into the Air Force and Midwifery School — they will eventually protect your freedoms and deliver your grand-babies!

The replacement levy rate will be lower than the current rate, and we urge the Lakeland School District community to once again show their support for our students and vote YES on the replacement instructional levy on March 9.