Wednesday, March 03, 2021

ELECTION: Give it a rest

| February 21, 2021 1:00 AM

In 2020, American citizens became poll workers to ensure a fair election. After the election, all boots-on-the-ground reports, audits, recounts and court actions revealed no massive fraud. Only normal flaws occurred, not affecting the outcome. Trump promised many times to show the evidence, and could if it existed. It seems that it does not.

Emotions can be stronger than beliefs, and emotional beliefs stronger than both. But truth remains the strongest. Using God-given reasoning, the truth in this situation shows no massive fraud. Trump’s claim of voter fraud and a stolen election fails. It was a lie that he started months before the election. Based upon a lie, Republicans have purposely undermined our faith in this election, conducted and overseen by the American people.

Using this lie, truth-tellers got fired, election officials received threats and honest governors or pro-impeachment Representatives got censured. Such attacks continue today. Idaho legislators introduce bills to protect our elections from fraud connected with mail-in ballots. They claim a sudden need for these laws even though mail-in voting existed for over a century and has become strongly secure for decades.

Thus the “stolen election” lie continues in these subtle, caustic forms. This false dogma will last for generations. Many Capitol criminals will always think of themselves as the true patriots who tried saving our democracy. Forming a Third Party seems inevitable, perhaps made of nobler citizens and the better of ex-Republicans and ex-Democrats. What qualities will you be bringing to the reforming of our nation?


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