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Pssst: Here's a newspaper tip

| December 8, 2021 1:00 AM

The couple and their two children had just enjoyed a fine meal at a local Mexican restaurant. The kids washed down their spicy delights with soft drinks; the adults eschewed beer or margaritas, opting for good ol’ H2O instead.

A good time was had by all. When the check arrived — let’s call it $65 for round figures’ sake — Ma and Pa tacked on a standard 20 percent tip: $13.

Think about that for just a moment. Yes, the food was good, and the service was fast, accompanied by eye contact and smiles. In all, the family enjoyed the activity for about an hour.

So why are we making a big deal about this simple snapshot? For a little perspective, is all.

While money doesn’t grow on a tree in that family’s backyard, the breadwinners didn’t hesitate to express $13 worth of gratitude to the server. That’s $13 for delivery that took a matter of minutes.

Because you’re reading this, there’s a strong likelihood that you’re a Coeur d’Alene or Post Falls Press subscriber, and now you see where this is headed.


Independent contractors, people who work for themselves, deliver The Press to your driveway every day except Mondays, when a digital edition arrives in your inbox around 1 a.m. Newspaper management has increased what it pays these contractors for every newspaper they deliver. Yet with vehicles and their repairs costing so much and gas prices guzzling bigger chunks of hard cash, newspaper carriers, like restaurant service employees, could certainly benefit from some extra generosity.

What’s their service worth to you? If you value the person who delivers a fresh product in good condition each night while you sleep, please consider adding a gratuity to your monthly payment. This being the holiday season makes it an especially good time to say “thank you” with a healthy tip.

If you don’t know how to ensure your carrier is thus rewarded, call The Press at 208-664-0220. While you’re on the phone with customer service, feel free to ask about the newspaper’s Easy Pay option and its new Forever Rate. The Forever Rate of $26.50 a month guarantees that you will never pay more than that as long as you remain a subscriber. In these times of runaway inflation, your newspaper subscription price, at least, will never go higher.

And yes, you can build in a one-time or ongoing tip for your carrier while you’re at it.

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