Sunday, October 17, 2021

BUILDER: Request from neighbors

| August 25, 2021 1:00 AM

To the builder who has plans to build the Corbin Meadow Subdivision in Post Falls, we have a request. Your development sits directly behind our community, Blue Grass Corner. Our development is made up of mostly retirees who have all moved into our forever homes. We put all of our money into our homes and enjoy every aspect, especially our beautiful backyards.

Your representative went to the City Council meeting to get approval for your development. He told the Council that there would be 77 homes, all on quarter-acre lots. He either failed math or was purposely deceitful as the average lot size is 7,489 square feet, which is a far cry from 10,890 square feet, a quarter acre.

Obviously, we are most displeased with what is going in behind us, so we are asking you this: Can you please put in single-story homes on the six lots that back up to our neighborhood? We would prefer not to have two-story homes looking down on us from their second stories. I’m pretty sure your homeowners would prefer not to be looking out their second-story windows to see a bunch of old retirees sunbathing nude in their backyards.

To the Post Falls City Council, perhaps it would be in your best interests to READ the information provided to you prior to approving these developments. The information they gave you specifically stated the square footage of these lots, which did not coincide with what you were told verbally. This may have made a difference in whether you approved this development or not.

How many other builders are “pulling the wool over your eyes,” much to the detriment of the citizens of Post Falls? When do you say enough is enough?


Blue Grass Corner

Post Falls