Tuesday, May 11, 2021

LEVY: It’s a bargain

| April 30, 2021 1:00 AM

It is time for a response to the misinformation presented by Charles Rentz and Lynn Olson. They are against throwing “more money” at a failing system. The requested levy amount does not ask for “more money,” it simply asks to maintain the relatively small amount needed to stay at current function.

And the word “failing” is inappropriate, as well. Post Falls School District succeeds over and over with the kids and families who use the resources to their advantage. What is your rubric for this conclusion, gentlemen? Every school in the world will fail some students if they are without complete resources and students who prioritize education.

After teaching in Finland as a Fulbright teacher, I can tell you why they have such a highly rated educational system. It’s because their culture values education from cradle to grave and supports it wholeheartedly, including both students with self-motivation and home support! How about helping us with that?

In my 51 years of teaching Idaho kids, I have worked my tail off, as have many of my colleagues, to give the most “bang for the buck.” We have produced individuals from highly successful professionals to extremely hardworking and proud blue-collar workers, and everything in-between. And how do we do that? Idaho, and Post Falls School District, has one of the lowest expenditures per student in the nation. How can you be against such a bargain?

Our local businesses should be able to tell you that with better materials and the latest tools in your kit, you can produce a better product. Didn’t someone say, “You get what you pay for?” Perhaps that applies somehow to this discussion.

How about being a “Giver” rather than a “Taker,” gentlemen? If you were a student of mine you would understand the difference!


Post Falls