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Stunt Pilot soars toward opening date

Staff Writer | April 22, 2021 1:00 AM

ATHOL — It's been more than 20 years since Silverwood Theme Park built a new roller coaster.

On May 29, the newest addition to Silverwood's family of coasters will be unveiled and open to the public.

Stunt Pilot, we're ready for takeoff.

"We are excited to have a new coaster," Silverwood spokesman Jordan Carter said Wednesday. "We haven't had a brand new coaster since Tremors."

Aftershock, an inverted metal coaster, joined Coaster Alley in 2008, but was originally from a Six Flags in Illinois.

"A brand new ground-up coaster is a big deal for us," Carter said, adding that it's also a big deal that Rocky Mountain Construction in Hayden is the local firm bringing Stunt Pilot to life.

Stunt Pilot will be the Northwest's first single-rail roller coaster. Its passengers will fly more than 105 feet into the air and experience tight turns, swooping dives and exhilarating topsy-turvy action.

Its theme comes from the stunning air shows Silverwood hosted in its early years.

"There's a lot of nostalgia coming with this ride," Carter said.

A bidding event has been launched to reserve the first 10 seats on Stunt Pilot's maiden voyage, with all proceeds going to Children's Village, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children in crisis. Visit for details.

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