Tuesday, May 11, 2021

BROOKS: No set-up job

| April 11, 2021 1:00 AM

Bill Brooks has made it a point to tell others that the KCRWF set him up when he was invited to speak April 1. That’s nonsense.

When we spoke, I asked him specifically to speak about his proposed form of government. We posted the event and subject matter on our website and an email was sent to members, including his wife who is a longtime member. There’s no doubt he didn’t know what the subject matter was.

Despite all of that, he denied he was asked to speak about it. After asking him to discuss it at the meeting, he quickly became defensive.

His agitation grew when I presented the organizational chart of his preferred form of government. Not only was it obtained from his website, but it was the form of government he described in his initial resolution.

After about 20 minutes of listening to the Commissioner, and despite overwhelming opposition, he wasn’t interested in people’s concerns and he made clear nothing would change his mind. His “tone” deafness was on full display. I believe this is exactly the kind of arrogance that concerned citizens fear from their elected officials.

The link to the video of Commissioner Brooks can be found at KCRWF.com. I encourage you to watch him in action and see for yourself. Was he really set up (as he says) or did he reveal how little he cares about his constituents’ concerns? You decide.


KCRWF President